Cheating Sundays?

Just a couple of weeks a go I realised that people used their weekends as their cheat days. It is interesting for me, because Sunday has a dark food history as the day when people actually cheat. Weird right?

Rumour has it that in the end of 1800’s there’s such a law in the US which prohibit the sales of soda water on Sundays because it is a vice. Ice cream soda, which was at that time best sellers were hit hard, so businessmen had to come up with something to fix it. Here comes our favourite Ice Cream Sundae, which contains no soda. I am not sure about the 1800’s logic but Sundaes are as much as a vice as Cream Soda in my opinion… but hey I am no clergy *shrug*.

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The idea that Sunday is a special day has been around since biblical times. It is time to rest, it is time to do something differently than your daily life. It is time to… you know… cheat your diet, for some people.

Personally I don’t do cheat days, but I know a lot of people do, and it is fine. There are some idea that cheat days can actually help to boost metabolism, although I haven’t yet find a credible scientific information about it. I keep it open, though, just because I haven’t found it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t out there…

The concept of cheat days feels off to me, for some reasons:

The word “Cheat”.

I mean… since when has been associated with something good? Cheat always used in conjunction with dishonesty, untrustworthy, and illegality. Why would you associate yourselves with that? Would you rather change it to “Treat Day” to make it feels less harmful, or something?

Personally I don’t like being called a cheater. It is not a nice feeling. So, I am not sure if I can go on board with the concept of regularly making myself ‘cheat’.

The reason why you need to cheat

I did cheat days on my beginning of calorie counting, I have to be honest about it. And the reason why I did it was because my weekdays meal plan sucked. It was salad after salad, and quinoa after quinoa… with lean meat or fish, and nothing was fried. There’s no crisps, or biscuits, or cake… or any snacks.

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I felt I needed to cheat because I my meal plan was torturous, and THAT is non sustainable. My friends told me to “look ahead”, that “the cheat day is only 2 days away”. But… why should I endure the 2 days of torment if I can just make my meal plan better and treat myself everyday for being a good CICO girl? Right?

Cheat Day doesn’t help building the habit

For me the best thing about CICO is its sustainability. If you know how to do it right (and you definitely don’t have any hidden medical condition), CICO will give you a consistent result. But to do it, you need to be consistent too.

Counting and logging should always be there at the back of your mind. Looking at the back of the package, and make a conscious decision about it should be automatic after a while. Weighing everything before cooking them would be a second nature. And that only happens when it has become a habit to you.

The general rule is that you need 21 days to get used to a new habit, and 3 months to actually make it stick. With cheat days, you will be breaking a routine every 7th days, so how are you going to make CICO sticks?

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Now… I know that life is not just like a flat line of work/study, and home. Sometimes you are going on holidays. Sometimes you want to enjoy yourselves on special days like wedding days. Sometimes… you know, you have PMS sooo bad and all you want to do is watching youtube videos all day while finishing the whole tub of ice cream.

Can I still treat myself for a special day?

Of course you can. This is the wonderful thing about CICO, that only your calorie goal is your limit. This is what you can do to make sure your special day won’t ruin your hard work.

  1. Try to keep the food journal. Keep logging everything, even after you’ve seen the red and feels like you are massively over… just log it, and don’t worry about the number, because there’s a way to work around it later but only if you have the number to work around.
  2. Remember that the weight loss is not done in a day. The next day after your special day, look at your ‘over’, and spread it across the next week meal plan or even two weeks meal plan. AHA! Not so scary now, isn’t it?
    Okay I make an example: you’re invited to a wedding, and food was delicious. You estimated you are 2000cal over. So, all you need to do over the next 10 days, is to create an extra 200cal deficit. Either by taking 200cal from the budget, or add 200cal on exercise, or the combo of 100cal from budget and 100cal from exercise.
    To put it into perspective a 30g (1 serving) or tangy cheese doritos is 150cal.
  3. And, last but not least… don’t feel bad and over compensate your special day by punishing yourself afterwards. It is counter-productive. You want to enjoy your special day. We want you to enjoy your special day. So you should just do that. You will come back the next day happier, because you know this by no means a defeat.
    On my 2 weeks holiday to Indonesia, I was over every single day for 14 days. Yes I tried to log everything, but I know I missed some things because I don’t know all of the ingredients, but I did log it, and as expected the first weigh in after the holiday was laughable to say the least. But I knew that all I need to do to be back on track is to readjust my budget for a month or two… and voila…

    my old report in 2016-2017

    If you see my report, there are peaks of weight gain. The first peak was after April, so I assumed it was the Easter break, the next one was after July… that’s definitely the holiday I was talking about. And the last peak was around Christmas :D. However if you see the bigger picture… 12.1 kg was dropped in that year alone.

I hope my amateur opinion is informative enough. I hope it is helpful, and I wish you the best for your journey for a healthier life.

Please let me know if there’s something I miss, or mess up. And please feel free to share your opinion about cheat days, and what you do about it. 🙂

ta tah


How Did The Hairy Bikers Do It?

Coming from my line of work, The Hairy Bikers weight loss transformation feels more relevant to me.

I am not sure how popular The Hairy Bikers are outside the UK, but they are very popular celebrity chefs in the UK. Si King and Dave Myers are two British chefs who travel around the world on their bikes, trying wonderful food, and cook wonderful food.

They pulled that biker looks very well, especially with massive bushy beards, and big presence. You probably have known by now that I am a big fan.

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However a couple of years ago, they looked like they were half the bikers they used to be. Not that they look less like bikers, but just… smaller bikers. They’ve dropped 7 stones between them. Now this is a very British weight measurement, which I am not a fan of. I am a metric girl.

To give you a better understanding about how much a 7 stones is… It is almost 44.5 kilograms… or if you are into pounds then it’s 98 lbs. That is the weight of a whole person/child. To say impressive is an understatement, because I remind you that these guys eat and cook for a living.

So how did they do it?

They made no secret about it. Calories counting, and exercise. I am so happy to know that they’re doing it through this route. No fad diet, no particular macros restriction — mind you, being a chef it would be difficult to suddenly eat restrictive amount of butter.

By spicing up your food, you don’t have to sacrifice on taste, and that’s the bikers have taught me. Since they’re very established as chefs, they definitely know what they’re doing. They know as food lovers that punishing diet won’t be sustainable for them, so they change the way they construct their food.

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And that works. This is the testament that age is not the limit. That job is not the limit. That restrictive diet is not the only way to get it. I am up for the Hairy Bikers way of weight loss. The fact that they are now implementing their knowledge into their website, and diet cookbooks is definitely a bonus.

More about Hairy Bikers and their diets can be found here

How Did Adele Do It?

One of the latest celebrity weight loss success story is of course one and only Adele. Her new appearance definitely surprised many of her fans, and some even questioned her health. However Adele’s personal trainer has denied this rumour, and told the singer’s fan that she is healthy and happy with her body.

So, how did Adele do it?

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Because of Adele, this is actually the first time I have heard of Sirtfood diet. I am not ashamed to admit that I haven’t been following the development in the diet industry, since there were too many for me to remember. However Adele success did pique my curiosity, so I did some reading.

Sirtfood diet is named so because it features food with chemical component which can activate this protein on your body called Sirtuins. The reason why we want to activate Sirtuins is because it is believed to help the body to boost metabolism, and protect our body cells from damage and aging. Basically diet rich of ‘good food’.

So, what sort of food activate Sirtuins? You might hear the usual suspects of ‘healthy food’ like kale, blueberry, and green tea. Although surprisingly red wine and dark chocolate is included in the list.

I was really… really incredibly sceptical when I read about this but I gave it a deeper look and realised that the Sirtfood is just helping the weight loss success because the next stage of it is… calorie restriction.

*PREMIUM-EXCLUSIVE* Adele shows off dramatic weight loss while pictured with Harry Styles
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The first phase consists of 1000kcal/day for three days, and the next one is 1500kcal/day for 4 days. The next seven days is maintenance. Now wait a minute… Sirtfood or no Sirtfood, if you are eating 1000kcal a day you will lose weight. 1000kcal a day is 300kcal under MY BMR and I was just under that overweight line.

And having a personal trainer, I assume Adele is also exercising properly. No wonder her Personal Trainer said that she had a gruelling routine. I wouldn’t expect myself to do such a heavy work out with 1000kcal a day. Kudos to her!!

But anyway… my curiosity is answered. As much as I admit that this diet worked on Adele, I am not interested replacing my solid calories with green smoothies. Sirtfood diet might give a faster result because of what it is, but I don’t think I can keep it sustainable if I am the one doing it without personal trainer to kick my arse everyday.

Are you interested in doing Sirtfood diet? Or have you already tried it?


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