About Me

About Me


Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Mellisa 🙂

I’ve been living in United Kingdom since I married my husband in 2014. It’s just two of us for now, maybe until we can afford to have a puppy or two.

I am a chef. As much as I love the job, I am glad that now I can have a life outside work. I’d like to go back to my hobbies again — knitting, reading, playing lots of computer games… 24 hours a day is not enough.

I love travelling, and learning new languages. Currently I am trying to learn German in Duolingo. It’s been a struggle, but really… nobody said learning German would be easy.

After COVID-19 outbreak I started to review my life, and I realised I might need to refocus on a lot of things. One of those things is my well being. This blog, hopefully will document that, and the progress to get there.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here 🙂

I will see you on the other page


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