Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

I have decided that this week self care would involve layers and layers of warm stuff. And hibernate-level of physical activity.

I have to admit though… that the lack of physical activity might have affected my weight loss plan. I’ve been eating the way I did before, but it seems like I am now hitting a plateau.

The only observable thing that has changed since the last time I made a great progress is my job. I was working, and my work was physical. I also walked to work at least 3 times a week. Now those work-related physical activity has been removed from my routine. It only make sense that I need to revisit my meal plan.

Okay, so this is my week’s result:

this weeklast weekweek’s changetotal change
weight (kg)575705.1
waist (cm)6969.50.54
hip (cm)959504

My BMI now is 21.7, according NHS BMI calculator. So yes, I am in the ‘healthy range’. But, I am not in my own comfortable range, and it is not just vanity. I was in a comfortable weight before (around 50kg, with BMI 19), and I felt the best. I rarely felt sluggish, or having a mood swing. I felt way more energised too.

Some said that it might be the muscle:fat ratio in the body that causes it. I don’t disagree at all. But still…

I don’t talk about this a lot lately. Especially not in the UK.

I am not looking for an echo chamber for my idea of how to treat my body, but I don’t need to be preached about body positivity either. I love my body so much so that I want to give it the best chance to reach its optimum potential.

I love my liver, so that I don’t want to drown it in fat like prepping a foie gras. I love my knees, so I don’t want to burden it with the weight they cannot carry. I love my arteries, I don’t want to clog them with cholesterol. God I love my lungs, that’s why I haven’t smoked for a year now. And I love my heart, I watch my caffeine intake now. This is how much I love my body, and this is what I believe to be a positive outlook for my body.

image source: Pexels

And, for the same reason, I don’t want to undereat myself too much just to get the result I want. I love my mental health, so I don’t dwell into the unsatisfying result. So if anyone has the idea that the way I take control of my body is a sign that I don’t love myself… well, please shove that opinion some place where the sun don’t shine. Thank you.

All being said, it would be a lie if I tell you that I am happy with the result. It would be lie if I said that it is not defeating. But unlike the 20 year old me, I am not going to lose any sleep because of a number on my weight scale.

It is just another problem. And, like what the wisest man I know on earth — My Dad, if it’s a problem, it has a solution.

But right now the snow is falling, and it is cold out there. So I will think of a solution, while wrapping myself warm and toasty.


mel xx

PS. I don’t like the heater. It gives me headache and makes my nose and throat dry. And these days headache and sore throat makes me a bit paranoid.

2 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday

  1. Looking after your body and taking care of your mental health is the true meaning of body positivity. I have always loved my body for being able to carry me through life and do all the amazing things that it does every day. But I’ve only recently really been taking care of it properly through good nutrition and trying to lose weight in order to improve my health. That is what loving our bodies truly looks like. I love my other half, so I do everything I can to take care of him, feed him well and keep him healthy. If I neglected him I wouldn’t be a good and loving partner. And that’s exactly how we should regard our own bodies too. You’re doing the right thing and you’re helping your body to do the best it can to get through your life as happily and comfortably and safely as possible, so never let anyone take that away from you. And your plateau is normal, like you know, you’re just very close to your goal weight so it’s always going to be slower. But again of course you already know that. Just keep on looking after that amazing body of yours and if anyone has a problem with that, tell them to eff off. Hope you’re keeping well Mel. Take care honey, Blue xx

  2. Sending you all the warmth you need and off late I have been really inspired by your blog to consciously love my body through my thoughts and actions. Every time I look at my old pictures I see a sexy person and it sucks that at the time I didn’t feel that way . This statement ” I love my body so much so that I want to give it the best chance to reach its optimum potential.” is what soothed my soul , reminding me why I always wanted to work on myself.

    P.s I love that you are keeping the Self-Care Sunday tradition going.

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