How Do You Do It Wrong?

How Do You Do It Wrong?

If you are a regular social media user you must be familiar with these “You’ve Been Peeling Banana The Wrong Way” sort of clickbait links. And then if just for the sake of it, you actually clicked one of those links, they would come up with the most impractically outrageous ways of doing things… from squishing lots of plum tomatoes between plates, or using used plastic bottles to suck egg yolks…

One of those ‘kitchen hacks’ I hate the most is the one where they use a glass to peel mango. Listen here, Punk… One of my father’s spare time hobbies is growing mangoes. He has at least 5 different mango varieties, growing proudly in his mediocre size piece of land. This is actually the perfect season to harvest, and usually I would eat lots of home grown mangoes. So don’t give me that shit about peeling mango with a glass.

green mango fruits hanging on tree
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First of all, not all mangoes are soft, some of them are to be eaten when they are still firm. Just like not all apples are red, not all mangoes are green. Second, what kind of psychopathic punk would squish a perfectly good mango flesh like that. Knives are there for a reason, to make a nice incision, so when you eat that sweet juicy goodness, you are not eating a mush. No seriously, buy a nice peeler if you don’t know how to use a knife. But for the love of kitchen God, quit peeling mangoes with glass, or spoon… like that shit you did to the avocado.

Goodness me.

I apologise for that. I did not know where that mango rant came from. Maybe because my mum keeps sending me photos of our homegrown mangoes? Still… that’s not an excuse. I shall stop digressing.

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Yes. Those clickbait links about the things you have done wrong. Those are not limited to silly kitchen hacks, but also about your health. If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you must have at least once stumbled upon something like: ‘5 Diet Food Which Actually Makes You Fat’, or something like ‘If You Are Doing This, You Are Dieting Wrong’.

I put my hands in the air. I am guilty for clicking those too. I always wanted to know what I might have done wrong, or what can I actually fix from my weight loss routine. Just like trying to find the perfect shade for your foundation, it is almost like a lifetime quest to find the right way towards the healthy life we are aiming for.

But what if there is no ‘the right way’?

What if… ALL ROADS actually lead to Rome?

photography of lighted bridge
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I mean, considering people start from different places, it only makes sense if they are taking different roads to Rome… right? Or am I interpreting this idiom incorrectly? CMIIW then…

But what I am thinking is… in Rome, when we are already there and talk about our journey… none of us would be able tell the other that the route they took was wrong. Because they have arrived in Rome. You might share something like: “well… if you took the less scenic way, you could have arrived slightly faster”, or “aah… sorry that your journey is tiring, old chap, I am taking a slower route, but I arrive fresh and happy.”

Point is… everyone is in Rome.

You might say the same about mango, but I will refuse that. There are many tools to peel mango, and using glass is not one of them. There are limits to the madness.

In weight loss you can get there with Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Atkins, Calorie Counting, low fat, lots and lots of running… whatever. No one will, and no one should judge if you need help from companies which provides diet plan like WW or Slimming World. Or apps, even… And the limit? Here’s one of them… starving yourself and endangering your physical and mental health. That the equivalent of peeling mango with a glass for me.

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Of course… of course you would think that the road you are taking is the best route to Rome. That’s why you are taking it. And you swear by it that it is the best route to get to Rome, because you get there unscathed. Of course you will promote it to other people who has told you that they’re going to Rome too.

But they can take their own way, they will design their own route. And I think, as mad as OMAD sounds… If they want to do it, there is nothing wrong with it.

Now I’ll climb back to my CICO wagon, and go forth. I will see you good people in Rome.

Lots of Love,

Mel xx

PS. Mango is high in vitamin A and C, and also a good source of Potassium and Magnesium. However it is also high in Sugar so Keto-gang unfortunately might not be able to enjoy this juicy goodness too much.

One thought on “How Do You Do It Wrong?

  1. Ha ha ha…your mango love came through strong in this post – but I totally hear ya on weird-assed crap that the internet seems to want to make us all to do so we can be stupider. (And whilst I’ve never had the joy of eating a freshly grown mango, plucked right from the tree in the country it naturally grows in – am slightly jealous of that, not gonna lie – I do love the taste of mangoes that are perfectly, perfectly ripe and ready for eating. Sweet and tangy and juicy and soft with a slight musky undertone…yeah, mangoes are the bomb. I understand your abiding love for them and your fierce determination to rid the world of any abominable techniques that don’t respect this glorious fruit. I don’t eat fruit right now, but at some point in the future I may start to add some back in – not sure yet, just playing this thing by ear and trying to keep everything as simple as possible – and if I do, mangoes will defo be on the list. (No glasses involved, I promise!)

    I get what the rest of the post was about though. I’m pretty low-carb obsessed because it’s just doing so many good things for me and it’s not that difficult for me to follow because I already ate a bunch of steak, burgers, roast beef, chicken, fresh veg and salad. I just don’t have any potatoes, chips, pasta bread or rice with it anymore. But I know that it’s not the easiest plan for everyone and we all have to find what works for us personally. That’s why I still like your blog even though our routes to Rome are totally different. All that matters is that we get there…and when we do, maybe we’ll toast our successful respective journeys with some Mango Daiquiris on the Spanish Steps, lol

    Another brilliantly funny post Mel (I just wish your blog would appear in my WordPress Reader feed so I actually knew when you were posting…damn technology and its limits!)

    Have a lovely weekend and I’ll look forward to playing catch-up on the posts I’ve missed.

    Take care

    Blue xx

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