Six Months!

Six Months!

This blog has turned six months now. It is weird that every time I reached a milestones like this, I would either think: “What?! Six Months already?” or “What?! Only six months? That feels like forever!” Or both at the same time.

I think the fact that we are living in the weirdest time of our lifetime, we cannot help having this time-confusion feeling. I tried to think about last year, and remembered so little as if it has happened too many years ago. But at the same time, that year went so incredibly fast, I couldn’t believe we are already in 2021.

This blog is just one of the example. It was made when I was in a lockdown (the first time), and just like so many people in the UK, wanted to make use of their time. Staying at home was the opportunity to do things we couldn’t do normally. In fact, we could no longer use the excuse: “I have no time” to procrastinate. And with that, went my all-time-favourite excuse.

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Some people learned cooking and baking, and developed a genuine interest in it like my sisters. She is now selling her baked-goods in Indonesia. My dad lost weight, and became much healthier. My sister in law got pregnant… don’t snigger, we know we are heading to the next baby boom after covid. And my brother was just trying to be productive.

And I started a blog. Along the way I started a new job. I considered myself lucky because a lot of people actually lost their job and could not find a new one. That, and the fact that my husband’s job is pretty much secure… we are very lucky.

Within this last six months, I had my first car. Well… now it is pretty useless, unless I want to have a side job being a delivery driver. Can you imagine though… me being a delivery driver. I would make a crap delivery driver. Probably not in the way you imagine it, but… I am not good with maps.

My hobbit got constantly lost in Middle Earth, even though there is a minimap on the screen, basically a satnav, showing where she was and where she was going. I don’t think I should chance it in real life.

Sometimes I ended up in Rivendell though….

Anyway, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, this blog… six months old.

Umm… To be fair, I am not sure if I should call it six months, because there was the time between November and December when I was not actively blogging. How do you calculate that? I mean, it is like when you are in an on-off relationship, did you count it from the first time you are in a relationship, or do you reset the timeline when you broke up with that person?

You know what? There is one thing I realised about myself when I come back in the beginning of this month. I feel like I am much chattier than normal. And not just talking, but you know… rambling nonsense like what I just did.

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I do try to reflect on that, and try to guess what prompted the change. I suppose I am a bit lonely. Recovering from home sickness last couple of months made me realise that it is good to talk about my feeling to someone instead of keeping it to myself. But now that I am home and my husband is at work, this is my only outlet to release some emotional tension.

I guess that makes sense.

However, I know I need to sort things out in my head a little. Rambling is okay if that is coherent, otherwise it’s a torture for anyone reading this. But please let me know if I don’t make sense to you.

I am not going to list what I have achieved, or my progress since the last month like what I used to do. I don’t think I have done a lot this time, so better not highlighting things that I did not do. My confidence does not need any more battering lol.

Although, I still would like to continue the tradition of being grateful. Thanking everyone who are still reading this blog. People who has been very supportive along the way. All the likes, all the comments, all the subscribes… thank you very much for accompanying me in this bumpy 6 months journey.

*eagerly refilling my wine glass*

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This is for another 6 months. This is for 2021.


Mel x

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