Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

Sometimes when I write my blog, I also wonder how other bloggers do theirs. As in… Do they reset their weekly counter from the beginning of the year, so this Sunday would be the 2nd week of the year (or 3rd?). Or… since we are just keep going on, so this Sunday would be the 24th (..? I actually lost count).

Or does it matter?

I mean I have to admit that I do care about what other people think about me more than I should. I think I grew up in a culture where being nice is more appreciated than being happy, so I ended up being a people pleaser for as long as I can remember. It is not easy to shake that habit, and relearn to prioritise myself over someone else’s opinion.

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Ironic really to talk about this particular topic on a Self Care Sunday. Maybe this is a really good exercise for me. As in a weekly reminder that self care is more important than worrying about which week I should type on today’s title.

So, like last week I just leave it blank.

Now, the main business of our Sunday is of course the weigh in.

I found this week difficult. It is cold outside, and I am bored at home. Whenever I did not use my hands to knit, I almost always found myself reaching to the closest edible thing.

I seriously have to start thinking of a physical activity that is not household chore related. Unfortunately I really don’t like exercise, and exercising outdoor when the weather is really cold definitely makes the idea even less appealing. As in… have a walk in the snow… lol screw that.

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Funny that I am now no longer excited seeing snow. I mean yeah I am still excited looking at it from the window, inside my house where it is warm, but not to the point of running outside and play with the snow. What a difference a decade’s made.

Oh yeah… I am not planning on distract anyone so the forget about today’s weigh in result. Honest.

So… here it is…

this week last weekcurrent changetotal change
weight (kg)57.057.6-0.65.1
waist (cm)696904
hip (cm)959504

I think 600 gram is acceptable. Being incredibly sedentary, I don’t expect the drop to be as satisfying as it would be if I was working. It is over half a kilo for a week, and I suppose most of it would be the water weight since I just restarted this.

I don’t expect my measurements to go down either. I’ve been feeling bloated lately, and I assume that it would affect the measurement. I think the change in the diet has made me slightly bloated too. Dropping lots of refined sugar, and getting tons of fibres and more protein might have done it. Hopefully it settles soon.

There we go… another week. Woohoo… I think I can do this 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely people.

Lots of love,

Mel xx

2 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday

  1. Well done on your loss 🙂 And eating more fibre is great for increasing health-promoting gut microbes – it can cause bloating (and gas) initially, so it’s best to gradually increase the amount you eat 🙂

    1. Thank you Kate. That’s what I suspected. I thought I could just reboot my digestion system, but alas… Christmas period has weaken my tummy from breaking down the fibres. xx

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