Self Care and Weigh In Sunday

Self Care and Weigh In Sunday

Happy New Year Everyone…

I hope every single one of you are well, and still on track on this long and perilous journey. Gosh… 2021 started with a bang isn’t it? Hopefully it is not a 2020 v2.0. That would be poo…

Anyway, it’s my first weigh in in 2021 and also the first one for awhile. So yes, I am a little bit anxious because I have abandoned the journey, and went astray to the lazyland.

So… let’s see the damage…

last weigh incurrent current changetotal change
weight (kg)56.657.6+14.5
waist (cm)6869+14
hip (cm)959504

That is bad, ladies and gentlemen. And I am not proud of that.

Yes, I must have been comfort eating because I felt like poo, and I should have known better. I don’t like it, and I don’t like admitting it. But it is what it is.

It’s not an excuse or a way to soften the blow, but I would like to compare how I deal with stress five or ten years ago. Previously, I would go for alcohol and cigarettes, as well as doritos to seek comfort. And I would do it to the point of over indulgence. It was horrible to think about, but when I was young that seemed fine.

man with panda head sitting on the ground
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This time, it’s just doughnuts, and I would give the credit to my husband who was a massive support (he wouldn’t read this, but I will still give him the credits). I still have a glass of wine every now and then while relaxing, and watch TV. I haven’t touched cigarettes or roll ups since March 2020, although I wasn’t exactly trying to quit — I just did not see the need of it anymore since I did not have any more work related stress.

Just the doughnuts.

Weird that I used to eat doughnut a lot when I was in Indonesia. We do have Krispy Kreme there. But I haven’t eaten doughnuts for over two years, and I did not miss it. Until one day I saw doughnuts on telly, probably Homer Simpsons, and I thought… Ooh.. Doughnuts.

donuts and bagel display
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I bought one, and… yea… Slippery slope.

BUT, I am still on it. Not the doughnuts, but the journey. And now that we are in a lock down (again), I hope I can take care of myself a bit better, mentally and physically. Although, I have to say that lockdown comes with its own challenge…

For example, when I am out and at work, my focus would be at what I was doing. And only after I finish working I would realise that I hadn’t eaten anything. That’s like 8 hours awake without nibbling anything. Now at home, especially when my husband is at work, there are only so much I can do at home until I feel bored…

And guess what people like me do when they are bored? Yep reaching out to nibbles.

chips on green and white ceramic bowl
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There are a lot of nibbly goodies at home now. Since I am staying at home, I can again explore my hobby — baking and cooking. I even made home made doughnuts the other week. It is not great to do it while counting calories. My husband would eat a massive slice of cheese cake and look at me with a genuine pity because I only have a sliver of it. Was good though…

However… Does anyone still making New Year resolutions? I mean, that was so 2019, right?

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂 Will see you soon…



3 thoughts on “Self Care and Weigh In Sunday

  1. Hey Mel, I honestly don’t think you should beat yourself up over a 1 kg weight gain, especially over Christmas and after everything you’ve been through recently. I’d even argue that you’ve done really well not to have gained more considering the circumstances. You can get back on track again x

    1. Thank you Kate 🙂 No I am not trying to do that, I did not realise that it sounds like I am being too hard on myself. You are definitely on point there, it could have been so much worse. 2 months without tracking my food, 1 kg up is not too bad at all 🙂 xx

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