Self Care Sunday (week 14)

Self Care Sunday (week 14)

Gosh I felt like a complete loser last week. Not a very good feeling. But now that finally the headache is gone… and hopefully gone for good, I am ready for a session of self care.

I am going to go for a total spoiling Sunday today. I am going to go BIG.

You know why? Because it is my birthday weekend!!

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Both my husband and I are taking three days off, so that we can have a proper celebration.

But before we go for the celebration, let’s start this post with some weigh in weekend update.

last week (w. 12)this weekthis week changetotal change
weight (kg)56.756.60.15.5
waist (cm)68.5680.55
hip (cm)959504

I am actually pleasantly surprised that not only I did not gain weight, but I actually lost 100 grams. I mean in a bigger picture 100 grams might be nothing, but in the same picture I am glad that I am still on this downward trend. Happy birthday indeed!!

I know it would be an unfair report if I use last week result to decide whether my calorie cycling is working or not. So I have decided that instead of reporting it this week, I will wait for a couple more weeks and see how it goes. I hope it is not screwing my program entirely lol.

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However there are a few things I need to think about.

  1. Blue has mentioned a very good point about insulin spiking/resistance on a high calorie day, because of the sudden spike on carbs consumption. I did not think about this before, but this might jeopardise not only my weight loss plan, but also my health entirely.
    Having PCOS history in my family means I have to be very careful with insulin resistance. So far my weight loss and lowering the carb has done really well. One thing that I notice is that my period has come back on track and happens regularly (30-34 days).
    When I was not watching my food, my period was very irregular (40-65 days). Mood swing was also worse when it finally happened. Now that it has come back to regular, I assume it also means that my body has got healthier… I so want to keep it that way.
  2. I found it way harder to track on the numbers. Yes it is true that I was still making entries every day, and yes it is true I know my budget for the week. BUT I haven’t found the most effective way to know how much left I have got until the end of the week.
    Does that make sense?
    It is easier to track it on a daily basis, because there is an app for that. However the apps won’t show your weekly allowance so it is harder to track how much have you spent…

The idea of calorie cycling is amazing, and I would like this to work. But if it doesn’t and if it is screwing with what actually works… I will ditch it in a heartbeat. But yeah, I will give it a chance, and I will see in a couple of weeks how it works.

Now back to birthday celebration.

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It is not easy to celebrate anything in this COVID time. I know that some people don’t care too much, and celebrate it by going all out like COVID never happens… but I have decided that it is not going to be me.

I mean, I am getting older. It is obvious by now, from this blog mainly, that I become a bit more conscious about my health and well being. I mean… surely the end game of this healthy lifestyle thing is to live longer, healthier, happier. To be able to celebrate a lot more birthdays in the future.

I cannot see why I want to risk all those for one birthday celebration.

So of course we are going to be careful.

Now… I’d better go, because although I love you guys so very much, I don’t want to spend my birthday here on the blogsphere 🙂

I see you soon.


Mel x

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