The Importance Of An Update – Three Months And Still Going

The Importance Of An Update – Three Months And Still Going

I need to apologise again because of my inconsistency lately. Especially last week where I completely disappear for the whole week. But I am back, with some updates…

First of all, of course… This blog is now three months old. Belated celebration, of course.

I would like to thank everyone who are still following, and still commenting and sending messages. I always find that blogging community is one of the best support system online — especially for those who are striving to be better either mentally or physically. I am glad that I have the chance to be a part of it.

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So far I have posted over 50 entries, got just under 350 likes (thank you peeps!), and now with 140 followers (woohoo!! love you guys!!).

I can promise that next month would be better, but I am not going to do it… I hate to make promises if I am not sure if I can keep it. So, let’s just say that I am going to try to update more regularly 🙂

Second of all, some updates.

I had a really horrible week.

Disclaimer: the next few paragraphs will contain blood, gore, and female reproduction health which for some readers may find disturbing.

I had coil replacement three weeks ago. It was not a pleasant experience is an understatement. However, I put up with a half an hour of embarrassment, and a couple of days of some discomfort to avoid an 18 years of trouble. So that bit was fine.

What is not fine is that the next period (which happened last week) become extremely heavy and excruciatingly painful. Heavy flow was expected, of course, but I haven’t had such a profanity-inducing period pain since… my teenage years.

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I was lucky that the peak of the pain happened during my days off, so my self care Sunday was actually my husband caring for me as I tried to move as little as possible.

Yes, I have heard that a little exercise would help reduce the pain. That only works for a normal period cramp. Mine last week was a crippling pain, which I hope is not going to happen again next month when the coil has settled.

Bloody hell.

Pardon the pun.

Anyway, the pain came with the 4 days headache I couldn’t shake. 5 days including today. It went whenever I took an extra strong painkiller, but came back soon after the painkiller effect dissipated. This is not fun, because I always have this low key pulsating pain while working.

Felt like I could snap anytime anything wrong happened at work. Good job I was only part timing, and NOT DOING SERVICE. I have to say, I was really grateful that I wasn’t working in a hot busy kitchen.

Okay the gore bit is done. Let’s move along to the next one.


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I haven’t done an official weigh in, but my non official one said I am gaining a kilo. However, since it is not official, I am not going to put it here now as it might skew the whole statistic thingy, and I am going to do it on my weekend weigh in.

The weight gain was expected as my hormone went all over the place. However I also think that my calorie cycling doesn’t work as well as I expected, but I am going to go on details on my Sunday update.

I still feel a little bit fragile, but I can move a lot better now that the only thing aching is now just my head. I really hope that it disappears soon, because it is getting really really annoying now.


Glad to be back again, and I hope to see you again in a couple of days.



8 thoughts on “The Importance Of An Update – Three Months And Still Going

  1. Oh no! It sounds like you’ve had a really rough week too! Hope you’re feeling better now xx And congratulations on hitting the 3 month mark 🙂

    1. Hiya Katey 🙂 I know riiight? Seems like a horrible week for everyone. But luckily I am feeling a lot better now 🙂 and thank you for reading my blog <3 <3

  2. Oh, how I can identify with this post! I’ve never had a coil, but I’ve heard so many horror stories about women who seemed to just make their periods 10 x worse by getting one fitted. I was lucky to know for certain, from a young age that I never wanted kids and I also had a very understanding doctor who was happy to refer me for a sterilisation at the age of 29. Not having to take birth-control pills was incredibly freeing and a huge relief…until the following periods got worse and worse to the point of being 10 days long, excruciatingly painful, heavy and with a diagnosis of endometriosis.

    And yeah, when well meaning onlookers tell you to just do some exercise…take up yoga! Grr…that makes my blood boil. Some of us are a bit more seriously affected by these monthly curses. The usual tips ‘n trips just ain’t gonna cut it when we’re in so much pain it makes us throw up and leaves us bedbound for days at a time. Some folk will just never get it. So you have my utmost sympathies girl. I understand how debilitating things can be during Shark Week, so don’t apologise for having to take time off from blogging, or work, or anything right now.

    Just concentrate on resting, keeping your strength up as best you can, consume lots of fluids and do what you can to keep your iron levels up. You do whatever you gotta do to get through it (and try not to punch the well-wishers who tell you that you just need to do ‘the cat’ yoga position, lol!)

    Hope you’re feeling better now

    Take care


    1. Blue, I have heard people in the UK moaned and complained about NHS. I always thought of this as disrespect and ungrateful.
      I found NHS doctors are incredibly professional, and always have tried their best with all these limitation they suffer.

      When I was younger and wanted to get my coil done in Indonesia, I had to go to 3 different doctors. One of them refused because I did not have my husband consent (hubby was in the UK while I was in Indonesia). I was fuming.
      Second one did ask if I had my husband consent, but refused because I never had a child before. Getting coil done means there’s a small possibility that I can get perforation which might make me permanently infertile. So yeah, the second doctor refused because of that risk, and offered me a ‘less intrusive’ contraception methods like pills.
      I was on pills at that time, and I really hated how it affected me.
      The third doctor was a relative of a family friend. So he did not ask too much, and finally I could get the procedure done.

      In the UK… I was asked if I know the risk. The doctor spent 10 minutes explaining how the coil works, and presented me with options and informed me about the risks. But in no way asking me about my husband consent. Or refusing my rights to govern my own body.
      I love NHS.

      And yes 🙂 LOL thank you, I am feeling better now 😀

      1. I’m glad it’s worked out for you. The NHS has both plusses and minuses. On the one hand it operates a little too freely in a way that is ultimately unsustainable, which means a lot of the time doctors have to play a numbers game when deciding which treatments will be offered/paid for (some people can’t get life saving treatments because the budget simply doesn’t allow for it) but it does make a lot of our lives easier, by giving us access to a pot that we have all paid into throughout our working lives. I think ultimately it also comes down to whether or not a procedure will work out cheaper in the long run. By me getting sterilised once, I don’t have to take birth control pills for years, I don’t have to worry about dealing with accidental unwanted pregnancies, my risk of certain cancers are lower and I’ll never have to utilise obstetric care at any time in the future. So a sterilisation operation might have been a larger cost up-front, but over time it works out as being cheaper than the cost of other medications/procedures over time.

        That’s one of the reasons why we’ve seen such a push for bariatric surgeries over the past decade. With obesity becoming more prevalent, the subsequent costs to the NHS per patient are skyrocketing. But by getting someone to have a gastric band or sleeve operation, the hope is that those patients will cost the NHS far less in the future. At the end of the day, it’s not that the government cares about any one person, it’s all about being able to balance the books and ensure that there is a healthy enough population to continue to work and maintain a country’s economy. Sounds harsh, but that’s just the way government’s work.

        1. In a way, I think the government should not have to care about individuals, because they should be focusing on the bigger picture by making a better policy that can cover the most of us.
          I actually did not find it harsh. The government had to take decision, and sometimes it is a difficult one. Obviously they cannot make everybody happy, so they can only do the next best thing — one that can cover the larger percentage of the population. NHS is not an exception. I hope the government can do more for the workers though… they’ve been doing a really great job considering the limitation they’ve got…

  3. P.S. Congratulations on your 3 month anniversary blogging! Really looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got coming up in the future as we’ve both still kinda new to all this and it’s nice to have a fellow newbie creating good, solid content that I can learn from.


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