Self Care Sunday (week 12)

Self Care Sunday (week 12)

Sunday!! Wow that was a very exciting week!

First of all… I would like to let you know that I finally bought a car. I have been weighing the pros and cons, and of course thinking about the budget I was willing to spend on a car. I ended up buying a little cheap and cheerful Daihatsu. Hopefully this is going to last me a year, and I will be a happy bunny.

I have to be honest though… Even though this car is cheap, this is actually the first time I buy something for myself. In my life, I have never made a big purchase decision. Not like this. And not with my own money.

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When I was in Indonesia, if I need a car or a place to stay, my parents would have taken care of those needs. So, being able to buy my own car, has given me a massive sense of achievement. I am feeling incredibly empowered, and just unbelievably excited.

I haven’t brought my car to work yet. When I drove it back home from the dealer, I realised that I am not used to its clutch (it’s an old car), so I think it would be wise to get my self a P plate and a little bit of practice first. Don’t want to mess with British motorist do you? Road rage is rampant these days lol.

So yeah… practice and drive around in my shiny new car. This Sunday seems to be just the perfect day to do that 🙂

However, the not so good news…

Even though the car was cheap, the road tax and the insurance were expensive. However, one can hope that the insurance will be lower in a couple of years as long as I drive like a decent human being. It just made no sense whatsoever to me to pay more for the insurance than the price of the car itself.

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Oh well…

Massive purchase this month, means I have to hold on my plan to buy new game. Maybe it’s a good time as I should try to get myself a little bit more active. Sometimes it is embarrassing when my colleague talking about her participating in Insanity on her day off, while the only insane thing I did was to put extra five quid on my Sky Vegas account.

Yea my life is that exciting.

Anyway… time to get to the real exciting thing now. The weekend weigh in.

this weeklast weekthis week changetotal change
weight (kg)56.756.705.4
waist (cm)6868.5+0.54.5
hip (cm)959504

Okay 5mm expansion on the waist. Actually if I squeeze my belly a bit, I could end up with no change, but why would I lie about something like that, right? I would only be lying to myself by deliberately faking the result.

Nah… it’s okay.

I might be a bit bloated after chinese takeaway last night. Or just bloated in general because it is getting closer to that time of the month. It is not a problem, because it is something I can fix. After all, just like I said a couple of days ago… I am not racing to get to my weight goal. I am getting there, and that’s the only important thing I need to keep in mind.

Anyway did you say race? Wait… do you hear that vroom vroom noise outside? No? Well that’s because I am still here typing.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a new little car I need to play with, and a fine city to explore.

See you soon.


Mel x

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