Talking About Your Weight Loss Goal

Talking About Your Weight Loss Goal

Sometimes I struggled to choose the right way of saying stuff in this blog. I’ve decided since the very beginning that this is not a blog about dieting, and I want to maintain it that way. But I want to talk about weight loss because I personally believe that having a healthy weight is… you know… healthy.

Of course there are arguments about the definition of it… I heard that a lot. BUT, I am not going to go to that niche just yet, because as much as I know that there are lots of exceptionsmost of us fit on that generalisation of this far from perfect BMI numbers and standards. So… for now, I stick with it.

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Back to this blog… I want this blog as a companion for a journey to a healthier me. And a journey is usually not complete without a destination. Like a lot of people, our destination is our weight goal. Or target weight. And this is where my problem lies.

When I was younger, and also the first time I seriously tried to lose weight, I saw this journey as a race to conquer. I would like to get to the destination fast, and drop the weight as quick as I can. I am sure for many people this is still the case, and I don’t blame them.

Culturally we are set up for it. Something like: “Hey! Are you BEACH BODY ready?”, implying that summer was just round the corner, and you need to shed that extra inch in a couple of weeks. Chop chop! Or “New Year New You” adverts working like an invisible hand pushing you to the nearest gym to sign up for something you never thought of following up after April.

I prefer mountains than beaches anyway…

What is Beach Body anyway? I mean beaches are the natural habitat for a walrus, and I am pretty sure that you are not thinking of looking like a walrus when you are talking about Beach Body, right? I just thought it sounds incredibly silly…

I don’t like beaches.

But I digress.

I think one thing I like about getting older. Somehow the age, came with little drips of wisdom and experiences, which gives me extra power to not give a crap to what people think. I am no longer feel pressured to get that ‘beach body’, or to set an ambitious ‘new year resolution’, or to keep up my social media presence. If I want to lose weight now… it is because I think that I would feel better and healthier, and thus that would make me a happier chip.

Since there’s no pressure, I stopped seeing this weight goal as a race destination. I thought of it as the end of the road trip journey.

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You know… when you are going a road trip, and you start really quickly out of your town, then you got to this little nice village and you decided to stop. Or looked at your GPS and you realised there is a nice festival on the neighbouring town but you need to get a detour which would delay you from getting to your destination…

This is what my weight loss journey now.

I don’t mind getting there slower. I don’t mind taking little detour (in this case eating that full size english breakfast fry up… with extra black pudding). Because I know I am still driving to the destination, and able to see the big picture of the whole process.

This way I can still get to where I am getting to, and enjoy food as it is intended to be enjoyed.

Some might think that I am talking crap because I am still posting about the different diets, and celebrity weight loss… and stuff like that. But hey… when you are researching for your road trip won’t you try to find out the best and safest road to get to your destination? Would you want to get yourself a map or a sat nav to help you to find your way if you are lost? Would you want to know how to change tire, or water, or oil if your car breaks down?

As in any journey, would you want to embark on it fully prepared? It doesn’t mean you will lose all the fun, but it means you can do it well prepared.

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Knowledge is power, they say.

Anyway… what prompted me to write about this today is that somehow I thought…”what if I never reached my destination? what if I never reached my weight goal?”.

Guys… let’s get back to the analogy. If your destination is Norwich, and you drove through Cambridge, and you thought… I actually quite like it here. Maybe I don’t have to drive all the way to Norwich and stay in Cambridge instead.

Why the hell not? You are the one setting the goal, you have all the power to change the goal post. Not a problem.

Anyway… I better stop before I start writing a novel. I will see you very soon…

Enjoy your journey.


Mel xx

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  1. THIS! This is one of those posts of yours that I’d really like to be able to reblog on my own blog. I love the analogy you use here Mel and you’ve summed it up far better than I could. x

    1. hi Blue 😀
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I’ve fixed the like button, and I think it is working now. Unfortunately the reblog button is not available for a self hosted wordpress blog, so there is not much I can do 🙁 Sorry about that 🙁 xx

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