Self Care Sunday (week 11)

Self Care Sunday (week 11)

Oh my… goodness me…

What the hell is going on?

Am I time warping or something, because the last time I remember was thinking of how awesome it would be to buy a car. A week has gone since then and… I still haven’t decided to buy it yet. I am such a wuss when it is about spending some money…

I mean… when it is about slaughtering the piggy bank, I suddenly turn vegan.

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How are you guys? I hope you are all alright and having a wonderful weekend. Because I have to say, my weekend here is pretty good right now.

I cannot say the same for my husband who has apparently got his shoulder joint inflamed at work, and now he could not barely move his right hand. It’s alright… just painful… so light house work and a lot of moaning for him lol.

My self spoiling Sunday involves a lot of playing game. I just got new mods for This War Of Mine, and have been playing it a lot. Apparently according to Steam I have been playing for over 200 hours for the last two weeks. That can’t be right… right?

I mean… I must have left my game open while doing some chores… right?

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Ha… move on swiftly. I have a really good news about my weight loss progress. Let’s see the result first…

this weeklast weekthis week changetotal change
weight (kg)57.756.715.4
waist (cm)686805
hip (cm)959504

Because of the obvious massive drop (yes, one kilogram is a massive drop for me) in a week, I went on an investigative mode to find out what I have done right, or differently. I have some suspicions:

  1. The weather warmed up a bit for a couple of days, and it just reminded me that I did not drink enough when the weather was cooler/colder. So this week I made an extra effort to drink plenty of water.
  2. My husband took the role of the night warden for me, so when I played game too much until late at night, he would drag me to bed… and not in a kinky way either. Or… just nicely told me to go to sleep. So this week I had better sleeping pattern in general.
  3. Food wise not much has changed BUT, I started to routinely take 3 grams of inulin powder I bought some weeks ago… I know that the serving suggestion is 5 grams, but I think I would rather start low just to see how it works… Nut sure if it contributes to the weight loss, but on paper, this week I have better fibre intake…
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So yeah… one kilo. Definitely happy about it, and definitely will try to maintain what I have been doing which seem to be working. Maybe… if this is working then having a car wouldn’t sabotage the progress after all…

Now excuse me as I am going to retreat, and continue with my self spoiling routine…

And I will see you soon


Mel x

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