Self Care Sunday (Week 10)

Self Care Sunday (Week 10)

Seriously? It is Sunday again?

I am not really sure what has happened to this week, but it went so fast. And suddenly… here we are.

Right… guys… I am in a quandary. I would like some input, and I hope you could help me decide.

We already have a car in our family, and it is my husband’s. I am not insured to drive it, and to be honest I am not comfortable driving his car, as this is going to be my first time driving with a full driving licence in the UK.

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So… we’ve been discussing on having a second car for myself. Something cheap and cheerful, so that if I accidentally knock on a wheelie bin or a lamp post somewhere, I won’t feel too gutted. And since this is my self spoiling Sunday, we have looked around and found some suitable cars.

All under a grand… fully MOT-ed, and the dealer is just round the corner where we are living.

Although for years I thought that having a second car in a household of two is kind of excessive, lately we kind of thinking of the convenience of me having a freedom of mobility. Not only going to work, but to go around when my husband is not available.

I used to take bus everywhere, and normally I am happy with a bus ride around the city, but with COVID and our job in service industry… we really don’t want to take the risk of me being in a confined space with loads of random people.

Winter is coming too…

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So yeah, we have listed many reasons for getting a second car for me.

BUT… like I just said… I always thought having two cars in a two persons household is kind of excessive. And, I would like to be able to save, and running a car in the UK is not cheap. Not only that the fuel price is so expensive, my workplace doesn’t have a free parking space either — due to its location in the city centre. So money is definitely the first cons.

I enjoyed walking to work, my route to work is kind of scenic — through elm hill and the castle meadow. Plus the extra calorie burned even before my day starts. Bonus. So… other than the challenging weather, there’s no reason why I would prefer driving than walking to work.

Now… What do you think? Should I go on with buying a car? Or should I wait a bit more?

Anyway… while we’re thinking about it… let’s take a look at this weekend weigh in result.

this weeklast weekthis week changetotal change
weight (kg)57.757.90.24.4
waist (cm)686805
hip (cm)959614

Another 200 grams. Not a problem. Still a loss, and my hip is still shrinking.

photo of person measuring woman s waist
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I wonder though… if I actually buy a car and not having my morning walk to work, and how much it would affect my daily calorie expenditure. It will definitely affect the weight loss, and probably not for the better.

Argh… I am in a quandary. Some input please!!


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