How Did The Duchess of Cambridge Do It?

How Did The Duchess of Cambridge Do It?

Both of my sisters have been confirmed to have PCOS, so they have a hard time to lose their pregnancy weight even after two years after they gave birth to my nieces. Of course, I have hinted this blog to them *cough*promotion*cough*, but I realised I haven’t covered the problem they’re having.

To get rid the weight they gained during their pregnancy.

So I searched around, and one particular pregnancy story interested me because… well, because somehow it popped up on my Quora feed.

source: @kensingtonroyal twitter

The Duchess of Cambridge, or used to be known as Catherine Middleton. How the hell she lost that weight so fast after she had three babies.

I mean, she looked much fitter than I am… who never had or bore a baby.

Curious… I dug deeper, and for the first time I heard this diet.

Dukan Diet.

Dukan Diet? SURELY they don’t just invent a diet for a Duke, do they?

No… they didn’t… The Dukan diet was invented by a Frenchman named Pierre Dukan. Hence the name.

It is a low carb diet, (wonder why I did not put it together with the other low carb diets reviews) so my initial thought is that it would be wonderful for people with PCOS. However it seems like a very restrictive one.

It consists of 4 phase: Attack Phase (with practically zero carb — although some sources said you are allowed one and a half tea spoon of oat bran, and high lean protein), Cruise Phase (where you are re-introduced to non starchy vegetables — and reducing the oat bran to only half a spoon, while maintaining the full on protein diet), Consolidation Phase (now you can start with fruit and dairy, some can even have celebration meal — which sounds like cheat meal every other week), and Stabilisation Phase (assuming you have reached the weight goal you can eat whatever you want except for one day a week you do the Attack Phase).

Somehow I have never read anywhere that the Duchess actually did this diet to lose the pregnancy weight. However the rumour of her being a fan of this diet actually came from her weight loss for her wedding day. So whether or not I believe that she’s using this diet to drop that pregnancy weight…

I am not so sure.

To be honest seeing her daily activity, and the fact that she is a mother of three, I am surprised if she can function with such a restrictive diet. Which, according to this NHS article, tops the list of the worst diet because of the many macros it removes during the first two steps.

image source: daily express

So if Dukan Diet was not the reason why the Duchess lost weight so quickly after giving birth to the princes and princess, what was it?

The Duchess went through difficult pregnancies, with severe morning sickness which means she could barely hold food in. Her activity as working royal also means she would move a lot during the day, and I assume she wouldn’t have time to randomly nibble some crisps.

She’s also known to be an active and sporty person. Is blessed with that ectomorph gene. AND… not sure if this needs to be mentioned, obviously the royal household has a royal dietician, and chef to cater to her needs.

So… What do I think about Dukan Diet? Probably I won’t recommend this for my sisters, because to be honest I might not want to do it for myself. The idea of low carb is okay, and lean protein sounds incredibly good. BUT I cannot see myself getting through the first two phases successfully.

After all… I am not a duchess…

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