How Do You Say No?

How Do You Say No?

Alrighty… today I need some help.

I have this teeny tiny little problem with saying ‘no’ especially at work, and as much as it doesn’t affect my job too much… sometimes it just went really bad with my meal plan. How so?

As some of you probably have heard, I am working as a chef. One of the perks by working around food is obviously the ability to have nice food within the reach. However if you want to control your calorie intake, this is just a nightmare!

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I used to stashed pastry cases trimmings, nibbled the broken cheese bits with the unused bread crusts, or dip the stale-ish bread into any extra sauces that is not served. When I worked in the hotel it was even crazier… leftover bacons and sausages from breakfast, sometimes even smoked salmon… and loads… I mean loads of breakfast pastries.

This time… I have been really… really good.

Stick with black coffee, or water at work instead of jugs of squash. And no stash of nibbles within reach. So far, it’s working… right?

Riiight… *this chunky Chip is now looking very shifty*

The thing is… sometimes some random delicious food would turn up. Like when the chefs decided to have a oatmeal party for breakfast. Which I loved, a lot…

However, normally when I made my own oatmeal porridge, I used water instead of whole milk, and sucralose instead of the really really tasty genuine proper sugar. And of course it did make a lot of difference, both in the taste, and the calorie counting.

random sourdough bread appeared

Or the other day when there was a loaf of almost stale sourdough bread which we cannot serve to the customer. One chef decided to slice ’em, lather ’em with Nutella and decorate them with banana, and gave me one generous portion of it. Why… I obviously LOVE sourdough bread, and my chocolate hazelnut spread (I always use the Aldi version because I am cheap), but I only eat them very rarely, and use the spread thin because… I don’t know… sugar?

Anyway, don’t want to sound ungrateful… those things were DELICIOUS! Of course.

However, not until last week when we changed our menu, and my boss gave me a portion of the new pasta menu to taste, when I realised…

Wait a minute… how am I going to count the calories in this?

random devilishly cheesy pasta appeared

Porridge or bread is one thing… it is easier to guesstimate something you calorie counted before. But a restaurant style pasta, with gooey cheese filling inside and buttery glaze over it… how am I going to guesstimate this?! That was definitely the day I threw my towel, and thought… well Calorie Counting was never a perfect system anyway.

Of course, seeing the number… I know that even with days like those, calorie counting (with all its flaws) works for me. Since I have done it in a while, I know how to work around it, and shifting the guesstimated extras on the other days of the week. So it’s all good in the end… BUT…

My problem is not the guesstimation itself… it is the fact that all those hassle could be easily avoided by simply saying ‘no’.

Lol… yeah, my husband also told me that I have the problem of going around the long route to tell people what I actually want to say. So yeah… all those food stories are just the prelude to the real problem of me not very good at saying ‘no’.

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I asked some people, and none of the answers helped. The most annoying one was from my husband, naturally…

“Saying no is not difficult… you open your mouth, and make this sound: ‘no’. There you go!”

Sometimes I wonder why I still bake him his favourite apple crumble.


Do any of you have the same problem saying no? Or maybe some of you have tackled this problem successfully and willing to share the secret with me? Please let me know…

Thank you for reading.

Have a wonderful day

Mel xx

2 thoughts on “How Do You Say No?

  1. I truly do understand what you are talking about. Maybe have a kind and courteous conversation with your co workers about how you trying to stick to a program and would love it if they helped you succeed? This way they are engaged in the process and can support and encourage you. This will also help them to think twice about offering, what looks to be highly irresistible, high calorie foods. Best wishes. 😊❤️

    1. Thank you Becca for the advice, I am new in this place, so I haven’t really shared a lot about myself so I haven’t mentioned anything about trying to lose weight. But maybe once we develop a bit of rapport, it would be easier to mention it.
      Thank you <3 <3

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