What are Keto, Paleo, and Atkins Diets?

What are Keto, Paleo, and Atkins Diets?

Well… well… well… are we going to start jumping to the trendy diets bandwagon now?

I hope not. However, I found it helpful to equip myself with enough information, and insight about different diets’ approaches. Especially low carbs diets like Keto, Paleo, and Atkins diets.

The reason why I am looking into the low carbs diet is because of PCOS which runs in my family. Since all my sisters are diagnosed with it, I am more than likely to have it too. Naturally, I have spent some times looking into these diets for some insight of how to maintain low carbs intake.

Ketogenic Diet

Found in 1920’s

The idea is to restrict the carbs intake and replace it with high fat diet so our body kick starts a process called ketosis. When we reach ketosis, our body will start using fat as fuel instead of carbs, which as a result will get our body to start using the body fat storage and we can lose weight that way.

Although it might sound fun because of the amount of bacon we can eat while doing this diet, Keto Diet is actually very restrictive.

We are only allowed 10% calories from carbohydrates, 20% from proteins, and 70% from fat. Sounds easy? Well… forget all the cakes, and crisps, and chocolates, and all alcoholic drinks. Yes, of course you can have fried chicken, but nope… not with the batter, so fish and chips are out of the windows too.

It is also incredibly difficult to get enough fibre with that carbs restriction, so you might as well rely on fibre supplements while you’re at it.

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Paleo Diet

The idea of Paleo Diet is to eat like a caveman. It means anything that is processed (or farmed) will be removed from your diet.

Although Paleo Diet is not openly restrict your carbs (or any macros for that matter), but since it is removing grains, legumes, and processed sugar… in the end you will easily end up with low carbs intake. But those are not the only thing Paleo Diet will remove from your menu… This is also dairy-free diet.

Some people said that you can have your tipple on Paleo, but I think that is cheating because cavemen didn’t know yet about fermentation. And after all it is heavily processed. Of course modification is the key of making this diet alright, I suppose… like deep fried food for example… after removing the batter you might be able to deep fry something on lard.

However, it is easier to get enough fibre on Paleo. Since it doesn’t restrict how much carbs exactly you can take, you can take lots of fruits and vegetables like the cavemen. Potatoes which are no-noes on Keto are acceptable on Paleo, as long as you don’t turn it into crisps…

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Found in 1960’s

The idea is that we can lose weight by tracking our net carbs. Unlike Keto, Atkins differentiate sugar and fibre in carbs intake. The lower net carbs (carbs minus fibre and sugar) the better. Unlike Keto and Paleo, Atkins diet has more structure in it.

There are four phases in this diet, which basically has different level of allowed daily net carbs. The last phase is the maintenance phase, implying that this sort of diet can be done sustainably when you have already reached your weight goal.

Unlike ketogenic diet, Atkins diet doesn’t restrict your protein intake. In their last phase, you can have your bread back as long as it is whole grain (to maintain high fibre, which resulted in lower net carbs) — which is unheard of with Paleo.

Atkins sounds easier because of it seems that it is less restrictive. But net carbs is more difficult to calculate than… just carbs. So that is why Atkins also sell pre packaged product for those who cannot keep up with tracking their net carbs. Obviously… this is going to cost financially.

What have I learned from this?

A lot of people swore by these diets, and I have seen them and the results were AMAZING. Following the regimes, they lost weight like a clockwork, and way faster than my mere CICO.

Some of them believed that these diets gave them higher satisfaction from food, less hunger, and also in general feeling healthier. I haven’t yet heard about the long term effect, or the sustainability of Paleo or Keto. Yes, I have heard the sustainability of Atkins because some celebrities swore by it, but they can afford to keep buying Atkins products…

Would I do them?

white cake with sliced strawberries and blueberries on top
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I like the idea of being able to cut down carbs, mainly for my PCOS reason. BUT I am not really willing to give up my booze, rich tea biscuits, and crisps. It sounds silly, but those are the things why I am not even considering these diets.

I am not saying that those three are bad diets. Like I said I have seen people getting good result from them. BUT for me good lifestyle is a sustainable lifestyle. Not eating rich tea biscuits for a week is acceptable, but not having it for a lifetime is NOT sustainable for me.

Have you tried any of these diets? Did you personally see results? Are you still doing it now?

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