Self-spoiling Sunday

Self-spoiling Sunday

I would like to say that yesterday was a self care day, but when I looked back… I realised it is way more than just caring for myself. I was actually spoiling myself.

The best thing is, I am not even sorry for that.

Warning: TMI

I was on my period, and I was feeling incredibly uncomfortable for the last couple of days at work. I have decided when I walked out the door on my last day before the day off, that I was going to treat myself with all the goodness in the world.


I went home, having a nice cold-ish shower. Had a couple of rich tea biscuits with my coffee, and fired my computer on. My hobbit was waiting…

postcard from Rivendell

Told my husband that I did not want to cook, and he agreed to make us the oven fish and chips for supper. LOL so much for eating healthy. But I was not complaining. Supper was sorted without me having to lift my bloody butts (no pun intended) off the chair, what am I complaining about?

Had my fish with salad instead of chips though. Not because I was being a good girl, but I genuinely prefer cold beetroot over oven chips.

More gaming after supper… The Sims 4 this time.

Now here what I wanted to address though…

As much as I love spoiling myself, I also know that I am vulnerable to gaming addiction. I am not shitting with you.

I was a heavy smoker for years, but when I decided to stop smoking I just dropped it. Never had withdrawal symptoms or anything like that. I drank a lot during my uni years, constantly poisoning my liver with the harder ones. Not even touched these two bottles of Baileys sitting on my tables I bought two months ago.

photo of person typing on computer keyboard
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But gaming actually sent me to hospital… twice.

I am not going into details but my point is, I have less self control when it is about gaming. PC gaming especially.

Last Saturday I was up until half two on my PC. And this is obviously not good when I am trying to lose weight.


Had a lie in for an obvious reason. And just to keep my sanity still doing my weekend weigh in. Here we go…

this weeklast weekweek changetotal change
weight (kg)
waist (cm)69.569.503.5
hips (cm)979702

300 grams…

I take it.

I mean, late night. Hormonal imbalance. Whatever it was, I take it.

Am I bothered with the result? My last week wasn’t too good either. But am I really bothered with this result?

I have to say that I am not. Or at least, I am not anymore. Two or three years ago when the first time I did this, I would be frustrated because of the number. Now, knowing what I have learned through the years, I have the ability to focus on the bigger picture.

So far my number is going down, and that’s the only thing that matters. So far my husband and I have been eating better, his IBS hasn’t even flared since we started doing this… I think that’s just a massive positive outcome to be focused on.

And after all… Aren’t I supposed to spoil myself this day?

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