How Did Paul Hollywood Do It?

How Did Paul Hollywood Do It?

I was tempted to use seven question marks when I wrote that title.

Of all celebrity chef’s weight loss stories, Paul Hollywood’s weight loss has probably boggled me the most. As someone whose job is literally to eat cakes and pastries, it is just unbelievable that ANYONE can lose the amount of weight he did.

Thing is… he did not look that big to start with. Through the years of seeing him on The Great British Bake Off, I actually expected him to gain a little bit of weight. I mean, really… those pastries… really?

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If I had his job as the judge on The Great British Bake Off, I wouldn’t bother writing this blog, because… I am not going to even try to count the bloody calories. Let alone losing weight.

However, not only he managed not to get bigger… he shrank! How is that fair?

So… how did he do it?!

When I read that he answered this question with something along the line “Oh, I just ditched alcohol…” I thought. Nah mate, you are not just doing that, gimme more.

No. I am not saying that he’s lying. I am pretty sure that not drinking alcohol would definitely help anyone to lose a bit of weight. Tom Kerridge goes teetotal, and that definitely helped, so we know already that not drinking our calories can help. BUT, for someone whose profession is around food, and especially for someone whose job is to taste sweet food, I don’t think alcohol is the secret.

And then when he said he is also cutting calories, it started to make better sense.

Calorie counting is not always the answer of everything, but knowing what’s in and what’s out will definitely give you a better picture of how you are going to lose weight. Our beloved bikers have certainly benefited from calorie counting. But still I was not convinced that it’s Mr. Hollywood’s secret.

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He said now he’s hiring a personal trainer, and do boxing and weight lifting three times a week.

Now that’s the one.

I mean, of course some people can lose a lot just from diet. But Paul Hollywood wasn’t THAT big to start with. With not much to lose, every calorie counts, and with all those pastry judging, it would be impossible to calculate accurately how much he’s eaten in a day. The only way to compensate it is a rigorous exercise.

Would I do it the way Paul Hollywood do it?

Hmm… Of course I would kill to be a judge of The Great British Bake Off, but I would give it a pass if I have to let go of my pink gin. Plus, the only exercise that’s going to happen in the next couple of days would be my sims doing a jog around the neighbourhood, while I am making sure that it would be home in time to go to the loo.

Sorry… that sounds very demotivating. I just don’t like being sweaty, that’s all…

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