Self Care Sunday / Weigh In Weekend

Self Care Sunday / Weigh In Weekend

I think I did a big mistake. No… I KNOW I have made a big mistake.

It of course started with payday, and then the fact that Steam sent me an e-mail saying that they have a 76% discounts on The Sims 4. I thought, of course…

“Heey… what’s better to treat myself on the next Self-Care Sunday, than to give myself something that I know I am going to love, like… a game?”

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As if I don’t have games queuing to be played already. But… this is the Sims.

For those who are not familiar with the game itself. The Sims game started in the 90’s, by Maxis. Basically it is life simulation, with house building, nothing is particularly out of the world… to start with. But this is where the Sims excel compared to other games to me.

You can recreate the world as in normal world, recreate your own neighbourhood, recreate your life, and your family. Or you can create a new one completely. You can play as yourself, or to be someone you wanted to be but you couldn’t. It’s fantasy, of course, but so close to home…

Anyway… it is just addictive.

After The Sims 2, and the popularity of the game took off, the price of the game became ridiculous. At least for me, it got so silly and made me think that the price is not worth for a game. Not that I couldn’t afford it… But really…

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The base game and the whole expansion packs can cost me two seven-course meals at the best three rosettes restaurant in Norwich. Plus wine pairing. And generous tips for the house. And return taxi fares. Yes, that expensive…

So when I had the offer… of base game of the sims 4 + cats and dogs expansion packs only for £19… I took it. My husband who never played the Sims before also took it.

I played it…

And now I woke up, and wrote this feeling sleepy and groggy because of sleep deprivation. And a bit ill as well because of the late night snacking which happened during gaming… (guilty!!)

This is my take on late night snacking… After more than a month being discipline, and have reaped the health benefit from it, breaking the habit actually made me feel ill… physically. As if my body saying, “hell no woman, what the actual flipflop do you think you are doing now?”

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I felt slightly bad, and embarrassed too, because I know when I am posting this, people will read this. And they will know that I was a fool. But it’s The Sims 4, and I had no regret. Maybe I just need to control myself a bit better both with the sleeping pattern, and the gaming and snacking thing…

But show must go on, and I better wrap this quickly because I am going to go back to my Sims soon.

My Weekend Weigh-In.

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With my waist shrinking but my weight staying, I can loosely assume that it can be affected by last night snacking — which lead to salt consumption, which lead to water retention. Which is annoying because I do feel bloated, but not a big deal in the big picture. I am happy losing that number.

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I am not surprised anymore that my butts stayed the size they were before. My jeans are still fitting in the hips, so I know I haven’t lost anything there, but since this post, I am no longer frustrated because I have an explanation for this strange phenomenon.

So, my plan for next week:

First thing, and priority. Of course fixing my sleeping pattern before it becomes worse because of gaming. Watch out the danger of binge and snack while playing games.

I am thinking of upping my game a little. In the past I have used protein powder to help me fulfilling my MACROS, because it’s hard to do it with my calories budget. So I ordered protein powder, and inulin powder from amazon. This time, however, I added inulin because I want to hit the daily target for fibre too.

Wish me luck.

Have nice weekend


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