The Importance of Being Colourful

The Importance of Being Colourful

As you are trying to balance your diet and your meal planning, you often heard the advice of “Eat Your Greens”. Greens are obviously good. Nobody denies the goodness of kale, broccoli, and spinach. Plus, they’re usually low in calorie content, so of course pile away.

But green is not the only colour you would like to have in your plate.

It has not been easy to do, but I do try to eat my rainbow. It’s not always successful, but some days like today, I managed to get them on my plate!

somehow managed to get this at once!

So far, yellow is the difficult one to get on a budget. Sweet corn is always the easier option, but they are high in carbs, and since I would like to curb the carb, I might keep my eyes peeled on yellow pepper next time we are on the shopping trip.

Colourful food of course looks beautiful on a plate. It does look appetising, and I have to say… I really really do love beetroot, how can you not?

Anyway I digress… So, why is it so important to eat your rainbow?

The colours on your food is affected by the chemical compound in it. These chemical compounds makes up for the mineral and vitamins, and they have their own health benefit.


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Red coloured food has various nutrients compounds. Carotenoid lycopene (in tomatoes), anthocyanins ( found in red berries, including strawberries and cranberries), ellagic acid (strawberries, raspberries and pomegranate) and astaxanthin (crab, salmon and prawns).

Those red foods are high in antioxidants, and also very good for our heart to prevent the cardio vascular disease.

My personal favourites are: Salmon, red pepper, red apples, and strawberries.

Orange and Yellow

Beta Carotene is what Orange and Yellow coloured food is mostly about. In our body, Beta Carotene is then converted into vitamin A. Orange and Yellow food is also high in vitamin C.

Girls, you know what vitamin A and C is good for? Your skin. Vitamin A is the main component for your retinol serum, and vitamin C is what makes your skin glow. So not only get them lathered on your skin, get some vit A and C boost from inside too.

My personal favourites: Turmeric, papaya, mango, yellow and orange pepper, and sweet corn.


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You’ve been told a lot to eat your greens, but do you know what’s in it? Well there is a good reason why green is good… Like red foods, green foods also have range of different properties in it. You have lutein, you have vitamin K, you have calcium, protein and so many more.

This is why green smoothies are so popular for people who are on a diet such as Sirtfood diet which has helped Adele with her famous weight loss. And since leafy greens are usually low in carbs too, it is also very popular amongst keto dieters as well.

My personal favourite greens: courgette, broccoli, melon, asparagus, and pears

Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple food have a lot of antioxidants from Anthocyanins. It’s protecting cells from damage, which means it has the anti-aging benefits. It is also helps regulating blood pressure and lower the risk of cardio vascular disease.

My favourites are: blueberries, aubergines, beetroot, and… guess what… red wine *cheer and fanfare*

White and Beige

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Yes, I know that white and beige is not a colour of the rainbow, and normally being overlooked for nutritional value. A lot of people are also avoiding white and beige food because it is usually high in carbs and starch.

BUT, I personally believe that white and beige has its own place on our plate. White foods are the source of potassium, and fibre (especially if you go whole grain)

My personal favourites: chickpeas, barleys, cauliflower, mushrooms, bananas, and potatoes.

So… what’s your favourite rainbow?

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