What Is Your Body Type?

What Is Your Body Type?

I used to ignore this when I was younger, because I thought that this information was useless — mainly used by fashion magazines to help people finding clothes which looks good on their shape. And, not only useless, but also very very outdated too.

There are two ways of classifying your body type. The first one is the one I heard a lot since I was younger: Apple, Pear, Rectangle, and Hourglass body type. And the second one is actually older, but has a cooler sounding names: Ectomorph, Endomorph, or Mesomorph.

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The Apple-Pear-Rectangle-Hourglass method emphasises on the shape of the body. This method explains where in our body we naturally store the excess fatty tissue. That is why sometimes we wonder how come someone who looks big have a pair of really slim legs… for example.

Apple body shape stores most of the fatty tissues in the stomach and breasts. This body type is more prone to weight related health issue because of it. Pear body shape stores most of the fatty tissues between the hips, bottom, and thigh. Rectangle body shape spreads the fat around, while hourglass type spread the fatty tissue mainly around breasts and hips.

image source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/-/media/kcms/gbs/patient-consumer/images/2013/08/26/10/07/ds00522_im04175_mcdc7_metabolicsyndromethu_jpg.jpg

Now, understanding your natural body shape will help you to set a sensible weight loss/body shape goal. For example, if you now have learned that you have a rectangle shaped body type, it is near impossible for you to naturally look like Jennifer Lopez, who is a pear shaped celebrity.

I, of course, emphasised on the word naturally, because obviously now with the advancement of cosmetic surgery, you can have any shape you want.

Now why this is becoming important to me? Well because last weigh-in I was slightly confused because even though I have dropped a centimetre on my waist, my hips size stayed the same. I completely forgot about this!!

The other categorisation of body types is with somatotypes.

image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/Bodytypes.jpg

Somatotypes, however is a lot different than that, and slightly more scientific. In this method, there are three different body types category based on your built, the ability to gain muscle, and the ability to store fat.

Ectomorph is a lean body type, hard to store fat, and not so easy to gain muscle. Mesomorph is a medium body type, easy to gain muscle mass, and most likely the athletic type. Endomorph is a larger body type, with bigger bone structure, and easy to store fat tissues.

However, most of us won’t just fall to one category or the other. Most of us would fall somewhere in between, or the combination of two.

You can use this test to help you to find out what’s your type if you want

And this is my result




However, unlike Pear-Apple shape types, you are not stuck with your somatotype. With exercise you can change your body type, which means, you can always gain muscle mass and look athletic. But it also means that if you are not exercising, you are more likely to lose your muscle mass too.

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  1. Great Post. The calculator is very handy. I’ve put on weight and my diet isn’t brilliant right now. This is inspired me tonsort myself out. X

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