Self Care Sunday: Let’s Shake Things Up!

Self Care Sunday: Let’s Shake Things Up!

I’ve been thinking about changing the routine a little bit since my weigh-in Wednesday. When I started this blog, I was not working, or even planning on going back to work. So I did not consider how things would have to work around my working schedule.

Last weigh-in Wednesday was a bit of an eye opener for me. I was not feeling like my upbeat self, and I wanted to stay in bed for at least half an hour longer. But I could not, because I felt the need to keep up with the weigh-in routine, and then make a quick blog draft, and then go to work.

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Rushing the weigh-in in the morning before work was fine when you don’t feel off, but when you do… it felt like a chore. And if there is one thing I learned from my weight loss experience, is that when something feels like a chore, it’s usually not going to be sustainable.

As much as I love the name ‘weigh-in Wednesday’, I feel that rushing to weigh myself in before I go to work is a little bit taxing. That’s like an extra 10 minutes of sleep for me. So, I think it is completely reasonable if I just move the weigh-in day to my day off.

As in Sunday.

After all, I find weighing myself in on Sunday is still in line with the spirit of Self care Sunday anyway. The way I see it is that this self awareness, and self recognition of my hard work for the whole week — which leads to the self celebration — is a part of caring for myself.

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There is of course a dangerously thin line between celebrating your self accomplishment and indulging yourself too much. Indulging myself, especially with food when my goal is to be healthy… is not self caring. It can lead to self destruction…

And no respectable self caring independent women will knowingly and willingly let themselves to the self destruction mode.

What all of this babble about is basically a prelude to letting everyone to know that I am moving my weigh-in day to Sunday. Basically…

Now here we go:

last weekthis weekthis week losstotal loss
weight59.5 kg58.5 kg1 kg3.6 kg
waist71 cm71 cm0 cm2 cm
hip99 cm97 cm2 cm2 cm

The last week of the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme meant a crazy busy day for all of us, and probably that shows in how many extra calories I burned during the week. I am pleased with my weight change. However, what I feel like the best accomplishment of the week is the fact that I have somehow shrank that butts.

changes in last 4 weeks

Maybe walking to work for around 40 minutes in the morning started to show its result. Maybe I could use another 40 minutes walking back from work too, instead of getting a lift home from my husband…? Naaah… I am fine doing it slowly like this.

Now, I have to say that seeing this result on my day off like this is more satisfying. Instead of seeing my weight loss result in Wednesday, and have to wait for Sunday to spoil myself with something nice, Sunday’s weighing in means I could instantly reward myself for my week worth of hard work.

I will stick to this routine for now.

However… Did someone mentioned about Spoilyourself Sunday? And since you are asking, I do have those extra lemons in the pantry. Is this Lemon Drizzle Day again?

Oh hell yes it is.

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