How Did The K-Pop Idols Do It?

How Did The K-Pop Idols Do It?

To be honest, I am now just too old to follow the pop culture, regardless the country they’re coming from. However, it’s incredibly refreshing to see Asian faces on the front page for a change. It is interesting how they’ve become really popular.

For me, however, their popularity has brought back the familiar feeling of inadequacy and self doubt. While the western culture I currently live in embraces the fuller figure, the curvaceous feminine features, the eastern culture are still the same as how I remember it. The acceptable size is thin. Not just slim or slender. Thin.

The K-Pop idols are the pinnacle of the level of thinness we are aspiring to. Yes, I said we. Because, even though I understand completely that there is a thin line between healthy BMI and underweight (yes, pun is indeed intended), there’s a part of me still clinging on that culture which adore the frailty, youthful looking beauty.

So, obviously I was curious on how these ladies have successfully maintain their 0-size figure… or lose any extra grams if they even gained any.

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LOL. Okay, I am going to be very rude now, because my first reaction when I read about their diet was filled with expletives.

Let me quote some…

Soyou lost 8 kg while following a “one-meal-a-day” diet. Her meal consisted of four quail eggs (without the yolk) and a glass of milk. While on the diet, Soyou also had a strenuous exercise routine (yoga, weight training, cardio, choreography rehearsals) that burned far many more calories, compared to her daily caloric intake. Brown Eyed Girls‘ Gain and former SECRET member Hyosung also followed the same diet.

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or this..?

Ailee is famous for the diet that helped her lose 10 kilograms (22 lbs) in just one month. Ailee stuck to a diet plan in which she ate 500 calories or less every day. For example, she would eat a banana for breakfast, one chicken breast for lunch, and a small vegetable salad for dinner.

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I thought for a second, this CAN’T be right. I mean maintaining so little calories intake while doing a very physical activities? I can’t even survive a couple of days with 500Kcal (which is waaaay under my BMR, by the way) a day on a normal working day, let alone rehearsing dance routines like these idols do. No wonder some of them went into deep depression as the malnutrition can massively affect your mental health.

No… I mean kudos to their determination and hard work… but, really?

Maybe being young helps a little, because… of course you would have more rigour, and stamina. But being way older than these idols, as much as I want to get to their size, I think I will take my chance, and my time doing what I am doing now.

Now this is just my opinion. I know some of you have done this, probably safely, probably under the guidance of a proper nutritionist. I don’t know… So, if you know something I don’t know, please tell me 🙂 Thank you…<3 <3

7 thoughts on “How Did The K-Pop Idols Do It?

  1. In an effort to look good (read slim and thin) people are starving themselves and still have terribly low self esteem. Not being judgmental here but I’m happy being who I am rather than the whole ridiculous 500 calorie intake and then exercising on top of that. That is just crazy.

    1. I think being in a culture which worship skinnyness, plus being in a cut throat entertainment industry pushed these idols to such an extreme diet. I wouldn’t want to do it… regardless the calories… who would want to live off banana and milk a day??

  2. Good read.

    I live in Asia and see how the pop is, and it is disturbing ow sexualized it has become. Not only that, the obsession with white skin is crazy.

    1. It is indeed become very sexualised, but what is more disturbing that it is that the idols seems to be getting younger and younger too…
      Ah fair skin, petite figure, long silky straight hair. Wherever you go in Asia, women are obsessed to do all these. Get fairer, get skinnier, while obsessively straightening their hair >_<

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