Weigh In Wednesday (week 5)

Weigh In Wednesday (week 5)

This was a weird week.

After celebrating my one month of blogging, and all the achievements I had last week… I actually started to feel kind of blue. The week did not start well, and I had a mini disagreement with my husband. A little tear involved, and the raw emotion just flew out in the air. Wasn’t a pretty sight, I have to admit.

So yeah, feeling blue. It feels like there’s a tender imaginary spot whenever I breathed. This feeling is definitely has nothing to do with my weight loss, but of course it kind of sabotage my effort to stay healthy because for some reasons I was craving for some comfort from food.

dry rose flower next to broken heart shaped cookie
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I actually gave in a little, and bought myself rich tea biscuits. Did it make me feel better? Of course not. It is exactly what everyone feels whenever they deliberately self sabotage themselves, and gave in when they knew they could hold on for a bit longer.

Good job too that I decided to give myself a self-care Sunday. I genuinely thought I flunked this much needed self care because I did nothing. Or I felt that I did nothing, but actually I think I just gave myself time to heal. Those cupcakes definitely a good medication for heart ache lol.

But I needed it, and even if it made me feel like I am sabotaging my weight loss, I have no regrets. Doesn’t mean I don’t dread weigh in day though lol, anyway if there’s any loss I’ll take it…

Here we go

last weekthis weekthis week losstotal loss
weight59.5 kg59.502.6 kg
waist72 cm71 cm1 cm2 cm
hip99 cm99 cm00

Okay I am happy that my waist size is shrinking consistently — it means I am slowly losing the visceral fat (hopefully) and this is a good sign of the CICO working. But what is wrong with my bum?! I am a million percent sure there must be layers of fat down there need shedding lol.

Weight wise… I am not surprised. A bit annoyed, sure… but staring at my rich tea biscuits, and remembering the nice lemon drizzle cupcakes I made this Sunday… maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Every week is a new week… And this week is going to be started with a meet up with a friend for a pint. No… Alcohol is not self care!! Remember that. It is a socialising tool, but in NO WAY you heal yourself with alcohol. The only way alcohol is good for your health is when it is 70% and used as antiseptic for open wound.

And imagine the amount of calories in those pints.

Unfortunately alcohol is used as a bonding time in this culture 🙁 In Indonesia we do it over coffee, but in the UK we do it over IPA. Not that I am complaining, but the health impact is obvious. I am not saying everyone should go teetotal, just… you know… moderate.

two persons holding drinking glasses filled with beer
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Thank you for staying with me today, and reading this report-turn-into-ramble. I will see you guys again very soon.

Until then, stay safe xx

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