Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

Last Sunday I stumbled across a very interesting blog, owned by a wonderful blogger, talking about Self Care Sunday. I never heard about Self Care Sunday before, and I found it as a really interesting concept.

I know that dedicating one day for a self-care day doesn’t mean that you are not caring about yourself on the other days. It is a lovely that we dedicate a day to remind ourselves to be kind to ourselves. And this act of self-kindness can take so many different form.

The lady who owns that awesome blog, for example was caring herself mentally and physically. But it can be as simple as giving my self a time to wind down and focus on something else than weight loss and work, which makes me happy…

Maybe take a spa day?

That’s not a bad idea for next week, isn’t it?

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I have been thinking of what I am going to do this Sunday, for the whole week. However until I woke up this morning, I still could not decide what to do. Did I not know how to care for myself? If that is the case, I must be so miserable all this time, not knowing how to take care of myself.

So I had a quick shower, did my usual weekend skincare routine. Is skin care self care?

And I baked myself some cake. I have plenty of lemon in the pantry, so I thought of using it and make lemon drizzle cupcakes for me and my husband. Is treating ourselves with something home made and nice self care?

My mind wandered, and I decided to go to Steam and play some game while thinking of what I am going to do for today.

a nice day to roam about at Middle Earth

That’s it. I ended up playing LOTRO for hours, without feeling guilty at all. I just enjoyed it, even though the server was lagging like it’s the 90’s. Is being able to do what we want to do, and actually enjoy it… considered as self care?

People say that I am a thinker and not a doer… that’s probably true. In this case, even, I know that it is true. I’ve given self care Sunday so much thought, and I haven’t even do anything particularly different today.

Oh well… There will be next week, right? Hopefully next week I can take care better of my self 🙂

See you soon <3

3 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday

  1. Hey lovely person :-), honestly what constitutes self-care? Does it mean you don’t care when you don’t do it? So many questions when it comes to the self, right? Well for me its making deliberate action to do whatever it is that makes me happy and feel good , cared for by myself . so I would say, you had a lovely self-care Sunday 🙂 . Maybe you can share your cake recipe so I can attempt it on one of my Self-care Sundays.

    1. Well hello there, beautiful <3 I thought I flunked my self-care Sunday >_< But you're right, I enjoyed my Sunday, and was happy while enjoying it. Thank you for pointing that out :) Aaand because sharing is caring :D of course I will share the recipe xx

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