Weigh In Wednesday: One Month, Lighter and Brighter Already :)

Weigh In Wednesday: One Month, Lighter and Brighter Already :)

I cannot believe it’s been a month since I started this blog. You know what?

As it happens, my first month coincides with my fourth weigh-in Wednesday, so let’s pick a priority. Weigh in first, and then we get to celebrate. Shall we?

Last weekThis weekWeek lossTotal loss
weight60.2 kg59.5 kg0.7 kg2.5 kg
waist73 cm72 cm1 cm1 cm
hip99 cm99 cm0 cm0 cm

Why didn’t I think about using tables before? I don’t know, but surely this is a much better way of presenting a statistic, isn’t it?

Seven hundred grams. It seems small, but for me it is good and quite a healthy drop. If I can maintain a constant of half a kilo a week, I will reach my healthy weight in around 6-7 months. However, I have to still factor in the weeks where I know I won’t lose or even gain… oh the pain of being a woman…

One month progress

I am glad that the waistline is actually shrinking, even by 1 cm only… but my arse seem to stay the size they were lol. Okay, I am not going to take this too hard, this is only my first week measuring this way. I’ve been told to measure other areas too, because the weight loss can come from somewhere else.

But you know, I don’t need to measure to know where the weight loss is from. My BOOBS, of course. Am I the only one who lose breast size every time weight loss happen? Anyway… don’t want to be crass, so I’ll just leave it at that.

What happened this week is that the weather has calmed down a little in Norwich, so I am not as dehydrated as I was last week. The job is getting a little bit harder as the government’s “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme seemed to be working, so the restaurants are busy the whole week, not just the weekends.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

The sort of intermittent fasting effort I did last week did not actually helpful because I was so hungry by the time I got home. I found out that a physical work with empty stomach is not a really good combination, so I might have to look at breakfast options. I like banana, but I am trying to lower my carbohydrate intake for now, for a good reason.

Of course there are always some room for improvement to help me get better next week. But, until then… it is time to celebrate my one month old blog.

What have I achieved in one month other than losing weight? Since I am now a little bit obsessed with lists, I can start with a list here:

  • I managed to get to know some of you wonderful people from this blog, and your blogs. It is nice to know that we are not doing this alone, and it feels good to think that we can be helpful in one way or another. Hang in there, comrades… we are in this together.
  • This blog has gained 50+ followers, and received 100+ likes. I am so proud of this achievement, and I would like to thank you guys for subscribing and liking this blog. I am so honoured, and I hope I can constantly be a good source of entertainment and information for all of you.
  • I learned a lot during the last month, not only about health and weight loss, or nutrition and food industry in this country. Not only about how other people got healthy. Not just all of those… the important thing is that I also learned a lot about myself. Somehow this blog has become a figurative mirror which shows me something about myself I did not know before. I am really glad I am doing this.
silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time
Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

Now as I am celebrating my first month, I’d like to also think of what else I can do with this blog. What else I can achieve. I have a lot to contemplate, because one month is just a beginning, and it is way too early to be complacent.

Until then, I hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday. Thank you for celebrating today with me here 🙂

I’ll see you soon

Mel xx

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