How Did Tom Kerridge Do It?

How Did Tom Kerridge Do It?

Another chef who lost it big is Tom Kerridge. The Michelin star chef has put it on his job as the reason why he was big to start with. And who can blame him? If I am a Michelin star chef, I would like to eat my food all day too…

So, how did Tom Kerridge manage to lose a massive 12 stones?

If you’re not from Britain, you probably won’t know what 12 stones is. 12 stones is around 76 kilograms. I was never 76 kilograms even when I was in my heaviest. Losing 12 stones means losing a whole adult person. So, the fact that he lost that much is very impressive.

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Tom made no secret about his diet, Dopamine Diet. He also shared this on his recipe books, and his BBC2 programs Lose Weight and Get Fit with Tom Kerridge. Basically he eats in smaller portion, with nice food which triggers the happy feeling in the brain. The hook is that you can still eat dark chocolate and a lot of meat…

But then I look into it a bit deeper and, I have to say that I am a little bit underwhelmed.

I have to say though… Dopamine Diet sounds very much like a normal portion control to me. Tom is still counting the calories, and limiting the carbohydrate intake in his meal. He even cut off alcohol from his life completely, which is understandable because it is easy to go over your budget if you are drinking your calories through alcoholic beverages.

When I learned about Hairy Bikers weight loss program, it was simple. No fancy names, no big promises. Basically watch the calories, and exercise and you get the result. Tom’s Dopamine Diet is just the same, only with a fancier name, and with more restrictions.

Maybe that’s why he dropped the weight faster? Maybe… But for now, I am still loving my rice — being stereotypically Asian, and I am not yet willing to give up my booze. It might be not for me, but I know that it’s working for some people.

Have you tried Dopamine Diet? Would you try Dopamine Diet? What do you think about it?

3 thoughts on “How Did Tom Kerridge Do It?

  1. Interesting post, thanks. I’m not really into ‘dieting. Instead I try to have a healthy ‘diet’ consisting of a wide range of plant-based foods. I still indulge sometimes, as I’m looking for a healthy sustainable lifestyle 😊

    1. Thank you for your comment, Katey26. I also want something sustainable so I can avoid yo-yoing. I prefer counting calories because it means i can eat whatever*) including drinking alcoholic beverages and doritos 😁

      *) t&c applies

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