How Did The Hairy Bikers Do It?

How Did The Hairy Bikers Do It?

Coming from my line of work, The Hairy Bikers weight loss transformation feels more relevant to me.

I am not sure how popular The Hairy Bikers are outside the UK, but they are very popular celebrity chefs in the UK. Si King and Dave Myers are two British chefs who travel around the world on their bikes, trying wonderful food, and cook wonderful food.

They pulled that biker looks very well, especially with massive bushy beards, and big presence. You probably have known by now that I am a big fan.

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However a couple of years ago, they looked like they were half the bikers they used to be. Not that they look less like bikers, but just… smaller bikers. They’ve dropped 7 stones between them. Now this is a very British weight measurement, which I am not a fan of. I am a metric girl.

To give you a better understanding about how much a 7 stones is… It is almost 44.5 kilograms… or if you are into pounds then it’s 98 lbs. That is the weight of a whole person/child. To say impressive is an understatement, because I remind you that these guys eat and cook for a living.

So how did they do it?

They made no secret about it. Calories counting, and exercise. I am so happy to know that they’re doing it through this route. No fad diet, no particular macros restriction — mind you, being a chef it would be difficult to suddenly eat restrictive amount of butter.

By spicing up your food, you don’t have to sacrifice on taste, and that’s the bikers have taught me. Since they’re very established as chefs, they definitely know what they’re doing. They know as food lovers that punishing diet won’t be sustainable for them, so they change the way they construct their food.

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And that works. This is the testament that age is not the limit. That job is not the limit. That restrictive diet is not the only way to get it. I am up for the Hairy Bikers way of weight loss. The fact that they are now implementing their knowledge into their website, and diet cookbooks is definitely a bonus.

More about Hairy Bikers and their diets can be found here

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