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Okay… politics aside, this might be a good idea. I say might, because I know that science has proven times and again that obesity may lead to a lot of health problems. I say might, because I know that based on statistics, obese people are more vulnerable to COVID-19. But I say might because I am not sure how this time, this project is going to work.

Long before COVID, the government has tried to control the obesity rate. Some ways are sillier than the other — taxing sugary product is silly, if you ask me. TV ads about limiting sugar for kids is good, I think, but I can understand why some people are angry — eating disorder is no joke.

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But having years missing the point, I had a hope that the UK government would have learned something valuable. They must have got some well paid people researching about this, and they should have come up with something really good. Right?

No. They actually ‘prescribed’ weight management programs from two very well known weight management companies in the UK. I say this is such a lazy shortcut.

Before I go further, I need to clear things out. I have nothing about any weight management companies. I think they can be very helpful, and they show results. Of course these people will have subscribe them continuously, because once they are out, chances are they are gaining all the weight they lost back. Why?

Because nobody told these people what to do. Weight management companies used jargon and system specific to their own program. They might use point system, or offer the meal replacement package, or even have meetings where a representative would get you a program you need to follow. But somehow nobody tells you the science behind it.

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Why? Because if they told you about it you would not need them anymore. You will stop subscribing because now you know you can lose weight without paying memberships, or buying a certain brands, or swapping your steak with shake.

Of course they won’t tell you that there are hundreds of apps and website out there that can do the calories calculation for you for free. Of course they will not tell you how to calculate TDEE so you can make your own meal plan.

Now… If money is not the problem, and if you do it out of convenience (can’t be bothered counting, or stuff like that), then by all means get a lifetime subscription. But unfortunately, in the UK a lot of obese people are not very rich, are they? Once they hit the acceptable BMI, the government will stop paying the subscription… and then what? They will start gaining weight again because they are not equipped with knowledge how to do it outside the program.

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You see my problem with this? This is a lazy shortcut, and it is not going to be sustainable. The taxpayer money will be spend for nothing — not the first time but still.

But anyway… If the government will go on with this, then I can only say good luck. If you are the lucky few that can get the weight management program for free, please take this chance seriously. While you are doing the program, try to learn as much as you can so that you know once you are no longer supported, you can do this yourself.

Enough for a day’s rant. I’m out…


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