How Did Adele Do It?

How Did Adele Do It?

One of the latest celebrity weight loss success story is of course one and only Adele. Her new appearance definitely surprised many of her fans, and some even questioned her health. However Adele’s personal trainer has denied this rumour, and told the singer’s fan that she is healthy and happy with her body.

So, how did Adele do it?

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Because of Adele, this is actually the first time I have heard of Sirtfood diet. I am not ashamed to admit that I haven’t been following the development in the diet industry, since there were too many for me to remember. However Adele success did pique my curiosity, so I did some reading.

Sirtfood diet is named so because it features food with chemical component which can activate this protein on your body called Sirtuins. The reason why we want to activate Sirtuins is because it is believed to help the body to boost metabolism, and protect our body cells from damage and aging. Basically diet rich of ‘good food’.

So, what sort of food activate Sirtuins? You might hear the usual suspects of ‘healthy food’ like kale, blueberry, and green tea. Although surprisingly red wine and dark chocolate is included in the list.

I was really… really incredibly sceptical when I read about this but I gave it a deeper look and realised that the Sirtfood is just helping the weight loss success because the next stage of it is… calorie restriction.

*PREMIUM-EXCLUSIVE* Adele shows off dramatic weight loss while pictured with Harry Styles
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The first phase consists of 1000kcal/day for three days, and the next one is 1500kcal/day for 4 days. The next seven days is maintenance. Now wait a minute… Sirtfood or no Sirtfood, if you are eating 1000kcal a day you will lose weight. 1000kcal a day is 300kcal under MY BMR and I was just under that overweight line.

And having a personal trainer, I assume Adele is also exercising properly. No wonder her Personal Trainer said that she had a gruelling routine. I wouldn’t expect myself to do such a heavy work out with 1000kcal a day. Kudos to her!!

But anyway… my curiosity is answered. As much as I admit that this diet worked on Adele, I am not interested replacing my solid calories with green smoothies. Sirtfood diet might give a faster result because of what it is, but I don’t think I can keep it sustainable if I am the one doing it without personal trainer to kick my arse everyday.

Are you interested in doing Sirtfood diet? Or have you already tried it?


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