Weigh In Wednesday (week 1)

Weigh In Wednesday (week 1)

So, it would be nice to know how am I doing so far. But why Wednesday though?

It doesn’t have to, but it is always better to pick a day of the week for weighing in. Any day would do. A lot of people do it on Wednesday because it has a nice ring to it, just like Throwback Tuesday, or Manic Monday. But I digress.

There is one good reason to pick a specific day of the week when you do your regular weigh in. One is consistency. Your weight would fluctuate during the week because of your activities around it. If you are working during the weekdays, and you want to spend time on a drinking night out with your friends on Saturdays, you will see the number going up and down during those days.

This is also to save you from going insane. Picking a day of the week, and banning yourself to touch that scale on other days will stop you from thinking about your weight loss program constantly. It means you will not see the fluctuation (which is normal when you are doing this), and you will not sweat over mini anomalies which is not significant on the big picture.

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For me, Sundays used to be the heaviest, because my husband would be home all day on Saturdays and we will have meals which loaded with salt. Which retains water. Which makes me heavier. And normally, all of those would disappear on Monday morning. But I would freak out if I weigh myself every day because I would think that I am not losing weight, when in reality I was just fussing over a flux.

Also, for the sake of being consistent, it is always advisable to weigh yourself roughly at the same time of the day. I find it more convenient to weigh in first thing in the morning after morning pee. I don’t know whether the peeing is significant to the result, but that’s what I always do. Your weight also fluctuates during the day, so weighing yourself every couple of hours is really unhealthy for your mental well being.

If you want to have an accurate report on your weight loss progress, always use the same scale, and weigh yourself at roughly the same spot. Weight scales behave differently when placed on a different place and surface. Make sure you’re placing your scale on a hard, and flat surface. Don’t hold on anything when you’re weighing yourself, and stand straight.

I found digital scale as more accurate, so perhaps it is worth investing in a good digital scale if you are planning to do this on a long run.

Right, now enough babbling… let’s see how’s my first week has gone.

Last week: 62.1kg

This week: 61.0 kg

That’s a 1.1 drop in a week, and I am very pleased with the result. However I need to point out that this is probably water weight, so I haven’t necessarily lose all the fat that I need to lose. It means, I might not be able to see any changes in the mirror yet.

But day is long, and we have a goal to achieve.


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